Despite owning a soon to be legal company, and(I’d like to think) having a bright future I am still a teenager with the social anxieties and stress that comes with being a young adult in a constantly changing world. I’ve found myself worrying about my future not so much my distant future just my future in general from tomorrow morning to the end of my life sort of thing, I’ve grown quite close to a new group of friends at the end of the last school year and suddenly I realise, that I’m in 5th year! I’m a young man with work to do now and people to work with and don’t get me wrong I have no doubt my work will remain steady and my passion as powerful as ever but hell… I’m in fifth year, I’ll be leaving all of my friends in a measly 2 years some possibly never to see again, those kinds of things stress me out, though school is not allowing me enough time to worry too much about all that I still find it all terrifying, 5 years in this school and it all feels like 5 minutes, apart from math’s class, that thing is a drag. `

All for today!


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