As a web developer, I can’t stress the importance of having great logos or website art on your site. A website no matter how well coded or setup without photos or logos looks bare and dull, with my current client I plan to outsource and get logos done by tailorbrands they provide a great service, some killer logos and all for just 3 or so euro a month, a steal!
Tho for my occasional blog posts and other website art and what not I get a good friend from tin can media to help me out, this little chap is no older than 13 yet still has a passion to work and gets the job done long before the deadline(a quality I wish I had)

Weebsie’s actual logo was done by my Uncle’s girlfriend (I can’t find her details right now but I’ll check and edit them in) she did a fantastic job, tho I dislike asking for favour after favour I’m planning on using tailorbrands from here on out, and getting business cards done from her.(tailorbrands example is below)

I can also just get cards and shirts done right there and then , its fantastic, I’ll post again when I’ve paid for the service and checked out their other features…
All for now

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