So far 2017 has been an ignorant year for most of us, I’ve lost my dog to old age, been admittedly quite depressed and to top it all off my favorite coffee place closed down.
*There are obviously much bigger problems I’ve faced but they must remain private, my apologies 😉 *

Alas my Humour I must admit that 2017 has been a year I’ll probably not try too hard to remember, but that’s life, we all have good days and bad days, good months and bad months, good years and bad years but that should be no reason not to try to enjoy the here and now.

That said

things can get kinda hectic when you’re a teenager alone nevermind being a teenager running a web dev firm, I’m not trying to brag in any sense because I am legit losing sleep at times trying to get things done on time or at least not too late, but after this project things should go a little smoother, I’ve always said after the first customer things will just get easier naturally as time goes on.
However there is one thing that I can’t outsleep or overlook,for the past few months I’ve been constantly stressed, I’ve been told by my doctor to take some time off school and really all things in life that bring stress. Of course when I first heard this I was over the moon however it’s become self evident that a life empty of responsibilities whether they be social or work related is not the life for me, and I’ve just become more stressed thinking that I’m incapable of being happy if I’m not working even though there is stress that comes with work. I’ve been caught in a mental loop.

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