I have to say I’ve always been a businessman at heart. I’ve just always got a buzz from going on interviews and meetings with clients, there’s something about it that makes me breathe confidence, don’t get me wrong on first dates with girls I’m a wreck and in school I’m that guy who sits at the corner of the classroom reading a book about code breaking or really anything written by John Green and who only talks when he want’s to go to the toilet, in short I’m a complete nerd except (and here’s the crucial part) when it comes to business. I mean by my 17th birthday I was already making more money per hour than anyone I knew(Of course finding work was difficult but just ignore that fact and continue to be impressed that I earned more than my parents per hour). So I run a business and have the attention of big local companies then why the hell am I not one of the “popular kids” with 5 girlfriends and a ford mustang? Welcome to the one question I am sure I can never answer.

The Pro’s of being a teenage entrepreneur

  • Obviously, the first pro point of being a young entrepreneur or really an entrepreneur of any age really is getting your business cards/clothing/bags/boxes/whatever in the mail with your logos on them. I swear any box I get from vistaprint.com may as well be full of cocaine because I am quite literally addicted to starting projects or working with clients for the simple reward of getting a box of business cards in the mail. 😉
  • The next is the respect you get from people your own age: I was always into computers and science, in fact, I build robots in the past that I presented to local charities and old folk’s homes and even to the old potrep (president of the Republic of Ireland 😉 ) but in all honesty if for nothing else, starting a business really helps your social life(at least it did for me)
  • Opportunity: Without a shadow of a doubt I have gotten far more opportunities since starting weebsies.com first the obvious one: clients. Working with clients is actually quite nice and incredibly rewarding

The Con’s of being a teenage entrepreneur

  • Althought I really considered listing nothing in this sub-heading as, to be honest, the only con is the obvious one I decided to set aside the literature pride inside of me instead to be totally honest with you: starting a company is hard work. It’s stressful, really stressful and although thankfully I wasn’t dating anyone while starting weebsies.com I do believe that if I were in a relationship it would have most certainly been affected.

However, with all honesty it was worth every damn minute: I strongly urge you to start a business of any size. So hurry up with that lemonade stall or arts and crafts online store or even the next apple computers 😉 It’s honestly a thrill and I recommend anyone and everyone to at least take a shot in getting a business started in their teens.

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