This is an excerpt from an open letter by Caolán Maguire to Sinn Féin and the Irish people

So all day I’ve been hearing about a “divided Ireland” and how Ireland is so divided as she stands right now. I know it matters little in what I say but I think it’s important now more than ever that we should all know this. Regardless of today’s referendum, whether we repeal or we don’t we are still a republic.
We are and will always be heirs of the people of our country that fought oppression from one of the strongest Nations the world has ever known, that pushed back great famine and the hatred and cruelty from a foreign government. We are still the people that choose peace over borders, equal love for all and we are all still members of what I personally believe to be one of the finest and safest countries the world has ever known. We have fought and beaten much more divisive things than this. And regardless of the results tomorrow we are still the people of Ireland.

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