Making GUI interfaces with Python3

Welcome to this article By Caolán Maguire Tkinter is Python’s standard GUI (Graphical User Interface) package and can be used to create graphical user interfaces (GUI’s) that can both serve as a simple application that uses toggle switches and buttons to do minor tasks or be used along with other packages to interact with hardware […]

A Divided Ireland / Roinnte in Éirinn

This is an excerpt from an open letter by Caolán Maguire to Sinn Féin and the Irish people So all day I’ve been hearing about a “divided Ireland” and how Ireland is so divided as she stands right now. I know it matters little in what I say but I think it’s important now more […]

“Refugee” By Caolán Maguire.

This is a speech written by Caolán Maguire for my leaving cert course. This is not a speech by a refugee. Friends, family, curious listeners, distinguished guests and ladies, and gentlemen. It is not only a great honor and privilege to stand amongst you today but also a great relief. Not a relief simply in […]

Back in business!

We’re back in business! After a long time in a hospital in Dublin, I’m back and ready to go again! Weebsies has already started work on our second client! If you want a website or app done, don’t hesitate on contacting us! -Cal