The only thing we have to fear

There’s something incredibly special to me about speeches, when I’m happy I listen to speeches, when I’m sad or annoyed or worried or simply bored I listen to speeches, there’s this certain passing down of lessons and knowledge that I find completely enriching, however in recent months I’ve listened to a lot more speeches. I’m […]

One down! Another to go!

So after about 2 months of working on we finally finished up on their site, now at weebsies we offer 24/5 free edits and changes so I suppose we won’t be done for about four years, but the hard part is over! As this was the first client for weebsies we took a bit […]

Doctor’s orders.

So far 2017 has been an ignorant year for most of us, I’ve lost my dog to old age, been admittedly quite depressed and to top it all off my favorite coffee place closed down.*There are obviously much bigger problems I’ve faced but they must remain private, my apologies 😉 * Alas my Humour I […]

We’re Moving!

Apologies for the in-activity, at weebsie our team has had some settling pains! Basically our business side wants to take the company in a different road, we’ll be moving domain, but be back online and opened for jobs asap. as well as that, we’ve been working hard on our current client, should be done in […]

Where do I get my logos done?

As a web developer, I can’t stress the importance of having great logos or website art on your site. A website no matter how well coded or setup without photos or logos looks bare and dull, with my current client I plan to outsource and get logos done by tailorbrands they provide a great service, […]