After ages spent trying to find good web designer we eventually got the job done with Weebsies. Great service, easy to deal with & very professional. Would highly recommend their services.

At weebsies, we’ve always had a strong relationship with our clients. One of our most appealing traits is we’re an affordable and local web development business that doesn’t make money of you as time goes by, we offer some of the best hosting plans in the country.

This is simply a fraction of the clients we’ve got to work with however we will most certainly be adding to this list as time goes on.


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Caolán Maguire / Owner of weebsies / Web developer

Caolán Maguire @ Border Biz camp 2017

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We worked with the fantastic rocas team and built them a website.  rocas.ie This was our first project and we are very grateful for their trust in our business.